Duplex Pump Output – Drilling Formula

Let’s discuss how to find the Pump Output for a Duplex Pump.

Given the formula to find pump output for a duplex pump is:

Duplex Pump Output in bbl/stk = 0.000162 x S [2(D)2 — d2]


- D = liner diameter in inches

- d = rod diameter in inches

- S = stroke length in inches

- SPM = strokes per minute

Now that we know the formula to find the pump output of a Duplex Pump, let’s do an example given the following data:

- 5 inch by 12.5 inch liner

- duplex pump 100% efficiency

- rod diameter 2 inches


Duplex Pump Output in bbl/stk = 0.000162 x 12.5 x [2(5.5)^2 – (2)^2

Duplex Pump Output in bbl/stk = .002025 x (60.5 – 4)

Duplex Pump Output in bbl/stk = .1144

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